The nature of Activate Vernon.. such that the more a community contributes, the more creativity and innovation is untapped, which in turn creates more opportunity to contribute. 

Everything from collaborative input to fundraising to project management will contribute to the evolution of Activate Vernon and our projects. 

The common thread that runs through all of us at Activate Vernon is Possibility. If you believe the world holds more possibility than we are realizing then you may find working with us quite refreshing!

right now we're bringing on:


Wake up your idea that's been waiting to be set free. Warning: be prepared to see some magic happen!!

Project Managers

If you're a coordinated individual in need of a place to let your skills loose we can either match you with an Innovator or you may want to choose from our roster of "coiled springs"

Industry Experts

Be available to help innovators with specific industry related questions. The larger the pool of experts contributing the less work it will be for everyone. 

Graphic Design

The majority of our needs will begin with designing web ads and project logos. As projects progress we foresee the need for publication design too.  

Web Master

Soon we'll need a simple to use website, to replace this one, where all of our wiki project plans can be promoted and accessed. 


We'd like to use as much in-kind contribution as possible but there is also a fair amount of monetary need. See the budget in the Project Page for details.  

Contributing as a Business or Organisation

In addition to helping your community thrive, you'll also be advertised throughout our next website as a community contributor.