Come for your Holiday, Stay for your Life!


Participate in one of our volunteering holiday packages and receive all of the benefits of a Contributing community member while you're here. 

- Agriculture

- Cooking

- Engineering

- Self

- Arts / Culture / Music

- Craftsmanship 


If you are a social entrepreneur or town administration, please look into our workshops how you can bring our thriving way of life to your community.

**Both of the Tourism and Workshops departments are under construction right now. Stay tuned, we're getting there!


An exchange program between established contribution communities to lend expertise to each other. Send us your best environmental engineer and we'll send our best Yoga teacher, for example. 

This is an incredible way to share knowledge and build on each others' experience with no cost involved!

**this program is being developed but please contact us if you like the idea - let's get the ball rolling!