The nature of Activate Vernon.. such that the more a community contributes, the more benefit is created, which in turn opens more opportunity to contribute. 

Everything from collaborative input to project management to participation in a project to shopping from our store will contribute to the evolution of Activate Vernon. 

The common thread that runs through everything we do is Possibility. If you believe the world holds more possibility than we are currently realizing then you may find working with us liberating and refreshing!

Where do you fit the best?

Project Managers

If you're a coordinated individual in need of a place to set your skills free we can either match you with an Innovator or you may want to choose from our roster of "coiled springs" projects. 


Volunteer to work on one community project and receive benefits from every ongoing project. This is the beautiful key to what AV does, when we act as a community first we all thrive as individuals


The perfect place for community conscious philanthropists to leverage wealth - be a catalyst for a stronger community and take 1/3 cut of the profits while you're at it


Wake up your idea that's been just waiting to be set free. Warning: be prepared to see some magic happen!!  

Industry Experts

Contribute your specialized knowledge. The larger the pool of experts contributing the less work it will be for everyone. 

Already own a business?

Turn your existing business into a Community Project and receive the benefits of Funder and Project Manager

Project Manager

If you...

1) have a big picture sense of concepts

2) enjoy coordinating

3) have fifteen hours or more per week available to take on a project

...then we should talk!

Activate Vernon is a place where organised individuals can leverage their natural skills for maximum benefit to their community. As an integral part of the success of Activate Vernon you'll manage all aspects of your project including funding, volunteers and outcomes. 


If you...

1) have a few hours per week available to work on community projects

2) enjoy variety, learning new things and meeting new people

3) have no objection to benefiting from all ongoing projects

...then we should talk!

Contributors are the foundation of all community projects. While the more glamorous roles like Project Manager or Funder may take the spotlight, without people to plant seeds, hammer nails and answer phones there wouldn't be any projects and therefore no benefits to share in. 

And remember, by contributing your part to ANY project you have access to the benefits of ALL projects - which may be products, services or financial profits. Think of how much money you'll save on food alone when community farms and gardens are operating. It's truly exponential abundance!

Each week you may be working on a different project. So, not only will you be contributing your time and effort directly to the benefit of your neighbors, your experience may also help refine the project. This concept allows entire communities to contribute to the betterment of each other and to gain a greater understanding of the workings of a healthy community.  


If you...

1) are community minded

2) understand that every person has value

3) would be comfortable knowing that your contribution may help unlock the potential of a community

...then we should talk!

Activate Vernon is a place where exponential leverage can be realized. On one level, the financial support you offer returns to you 1/3 of the profit generated by that project - not too shabby. On another, level directly touching the lives of individuals in your community across an entire network of projects can not be achieved in a traditional investment format. And further still, contributing to the global movement of unity consciousness and contributionism is humbling, setting you on an even scale with every other human who is also contributing in their own way. 
We all share this earth, we all have something of value to contribute and ultimately we are all in search of the same - love, freedom and happiness.


If you...

1) are in Vernon BC 

2) have a idea you feel should come into the world 

3) want to pursue its viability

...then we should talk. 

Activate Vernon is a place where idea people like yourself can explore, refine and craft concepts that may otherwise never see the light of day. With input from us, local experts and quite possibly the entire community of Vernon you have the opportunity, in a collaborative environment, to accurately and honestly assess what possibility your idea holds.  

AV also encourages funders and supporters to follow your project so when it comes time to Activate you may have access to resources already at hand. 

Your first step is to send us an email letting us know you have an idea and may like to pursue it. 

Next we’ll help you craft a project proposal for our Council to review.  

Finally, if your project aligns with Activate Vernon’s Values and Project Criteria then let the collaborative process begin!!  

So, don't be shy. There is nothing to loose. Rather, with healthy dose of entrepreneurial and community spirit AV may just be your stepping stone to creative and professional freedom!

Industry Experts

If you...

1) have registered as a contributor 

2) have specific training and/or experience

3) are keen to share your knowledge

...then we should talk!

Contributors with specialized knowledge such as mechanical repair, agriculture, food, legal, building, healing, art, computers, design, editing, translation, accounting, (and the list could go on!) please let us know of your skills. You may be called upon for anything from a quick phone call for advice to consulting at the onset of a project to taking part in a think tank to overcome a major obstacle.