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Video Modules

The BRIDGE Training Modules

The BRIDGE Overview

The concept of The BRIDGE from
a bird’s eye view.

SUGGESTION: watch these modules intuitively and from twenty years in the future. Some of the concepts are somewhat abstract and may be difficult to imagine having only known competitive forms of society.

Along this pathway of The BRIDGE, three areas of society are explored

  • Aikido Economics explores economic potential
  • Coordinated Effort explores community / collaborative potential
  • Wakie Wakie explores individual human potential

All of this is done by running various social and business initiatives. Without actually doing anything different we’d just end up perpetuating the same toxic systems experienced in world today.

The BRIDGE isn’t only theory, we didn’t just come up with a good idea for others to go try, we literally practice what we preach, which gives us practical, real-time feedback to further refine and share the model; along with credibility and accountability.

For example, Skid Markz are locally owned businesses practicing all aspects of The BRIDGE, while giving operators a viable income.

The B-Team spends significant time honing our interpersonal skills while exchanging findings from our various business projects practicing The BRIDGE.

And the Monkey Wrenches book is not just a resource to help people along their personal development (spiritual) journey, it also utilizes Metabolism to distribute money and is the second (of four now!) businesses within Activate Us’ Cascade.

So, as you watch the video modules, know that the information is not  only theoretical. It is being practiced right now in a number of towns and it can happen in your community too!

More Video Modules

Community Plan

 Outlining best practices on how to implement The BRIDGE within your community and what it would mean to the average household.


Based on how energy is distributed within the human body, Metabolism is how The BRIDGE distributes money within a community. 

Connecting the Dots

Starting to make connections between various aspect of The BRIDGE

Aikido Economics

Like pulling the ole’ switcharoo on capitalism, Aikido Economics increases standards of living on the way to societal abundance and individual sovereignty. Or as Michael Tellinger says: “using the tools of enslavement as the tools of liberation”.

The Cascade

How a network of businesses can unfold within a community and how that system can bring us to a more evolved type of society.

Training Workbook

The BRIDGE Workbook

So, you’ve surfed the website and watched the video modules. You’re pickin’ up what we’re puttin’ down and want to dive deeper into key aspects of The BRIDGE. Terrific! The BRIDGE Training Workbook is for you.

We’ve created a thoughtful workbook that will help bring specific aspects, as well as various nuance, of The BRIDGE into focus.

Certainly, this workbook can be completed individually but it was designed as a group activity – practicing collaborative techniques and confronting personal challenges as a team.

Each person should have their own workbook to document interpretations and the subtler aspects of The BRIDGE.

And remember, The B-Team is an available resource for your community as you begin your journey across The BRIDGE!

Click here for the Minimalist Edition (includes questions only)
Click here for the Journal Edition (also has journal pages included)

– or – 

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New Paradigm Terminology

Aikido Economics™

Rather than swimming up the proverbial stream, Aikido Economics harnesses the momentum of our current economic systems to not only reclaim worker control but also increase standards of living by unlocking financial wealth previously siphoned off by the shareholder model.

Worker Owned

An entrepreneurial foundation rerouting ownership and decision making back to those participating in the business. 

Accounting Switch

A simple reordering to the accounting process that accelerates the above rerouting. This is an adaptation of the commission payment structure

Pay with Product

Drastically reducing business expense by eliminating costs associated with packaging, shipping, inventory, sales, advertising, spoilage, and other inefficiencies. At this point the acceleration of the rerouting of money and ownership back to the workforce becomes exponential. This in an adaptation of the “pro deal”

Coordinated Effort

An interdependent network of resources and innovation with the purpose of supporting a common goal. Think of the world network of commerce as we have it today…now swap competition for collaboration.


Start one business for the purpose of starting the next, which in turn supports the previous…and repeat. An evolutionary leap in community strategic planning.


Modeled after energy distribution among the cells within a human body, Metabolism is how financial and material wealth is distributed among individuals within a community. 

Self Organizing

Adopting the “Teal” philosophy of self management, organizations are receptive, nimble, agile and can easily adapt to external changes without the use of hierarchy or central control. All in all creating an extremely resilient organization and never losing focus on the people. 

Wakie Wakie

Where Aikido Economics addresses the logistical systems of society and the Coordinated Effort addresses interpersonal connections, Wakie Wakie looks at the individual – the basis of the previous two sections. Wakie Wakie will no doubt, be challenging to some people’s perceived limits, but after all, what is an evolved society but enlightened people getting along to manage their collective wellbeing.

Monkey Wrenches

A place for disrupting conventional thought patterns. Here we highlight common occurrences that happen all around us and look at them from different perspectives and through different filters. The purpose is simply to help dismantle the layers of stagnation and acquiescence we’ve all accumulated throughout our lifetimes.

Human Mechanism

Learning and practicing your full capacity as a human and applying these skills to social, personal and community development.


The final aspect of The BRIDGE (which simultaneously guides every aspect before it) is the ability to tune into the more subtle energies of life. Also known as ‘nudges’ or ‘gut feelings’, intuition is relied upon to help guide individuals, communities and society toward true sovereignty and abundance and the next iteration of human civilization. 

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