Activate Vernon intends to facilitate Vernon's contribution to the world's inevitable transition into a truly free global community. 

We do this by facilitating and refining a system of collaboration and contributionism until our city council is able to adopt that system and link to other communities.


Activate Vernon sees a world where every person has time and opportunity to learn, grow and follow their natural passions without the restraints of money or social standing. A place where servitude is limited to the needs of one's community and no other entity - neither real nor artificial - and an environment of harmony 

We'd also love to see our friendly, thoughtful, capable town Vernon be one of Canada's leaders into the next phase of human civilization - a time of higher awareness about ourselves, society and the planet we all share.

Our sense is that we're already there, we just have to realize it!


There are three very important goals that we work towards in everything we do

1) foster intuition in the individual

2) facilitate abundance within our community

3) contribute our part to raise global awareness and human possibility

Our Charter

Being Written...