Activate Vernon is directed by a council of up to twelve neutral and experienced community members as well as one "Speaker of the House" who's duty it is to objectively weigh council decisions against the AV Charter. 

The three primary duties of the Council are: 1) recommend projects based on the evolving needs of the community, 2) asses Innovators' ideas as to their viability and benefit to the community, 3) foresee and avert any instances of exploitation

Council members and the Speaker are not paid for their roles but they are considered Contributors and receive benefits equal to any other Contributor. 

Seats on the council represent the following areas:

- City Management (infrastructure)    OPEN

- Citizenry (food, shelter, opportunity, happiness, etc)    OPEN

- Self    OPEN

- Earth Advocate    OPEN

- Water & Energy    OPEN

- Youth & Education    OPEN

- Culture, History & Future (as well as connection to neighboring communities)    OPEN

- Politics    OPEN

- Technology    OPEN

- Resource Management    OPEN

- Society    OPEN

- Project Strategies (business planning)    OPEN

Seats may be held for a maximum of two consecutive years, Council members may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms. After a one year hiatus Council members may repeat these terms. 

Council members are nominated and voted for by community members in an open vote process - meaning your nomination and vote is made public to avoid discrepancies or inaccuracies. 

Each year six seats will be open for reelection, alternating even numbered seats one year and odd numbered seats the following year

Contributors and others participating in a project may hold seat on the council 

If you are interested in becoming a council member please send us a message and we'll pick up the conversation from there!