Global Community

A global shift in awareness has been progressing more rapidly over the past decade or so.  You may have noticed the increase in social initiatives taking us away from the pursuit of personal gain and material pleasure towards the understanding we are in fact one global community.

There are a wide range of groups around the world who contribute to this realization of interdependence, harmony and collaboration, each with their own perspectives, expertise and terminology. We've adopted the term Unity Consciousness (from the Ubuntu Contribution movement) as an overall description for this heightened awareness.

Much the same as how 50 trillion cells work in harmony for their host (your body) to stay alive, we are 7 billion people who must work in harmony if we hope for our host (planet Earth) to stay alive. Fortunately, the world is already in a collaborative way, it's just a few loud mouth attention getters who are lagging behind creating the impression the old model is still viable.

Here are some wonderful established organisations and movements around the world which Activate Vernon has been very fortunate to study and learn from their success. Click their logos for more information...

Unity Consciousness

Ubuntu Planet

This is the one that will change the world. A simple system of contributionism that creates abundance within a community freeing people from the shackles of money and fear

Venus Project

A radical, yet somehow obvious, alternative to current society and urban landscape the Venus Project uses technology to replace manual labour as a means to free up human creativity and potential   

Auroville, India

Established in 1968 this thriving community of 25,000 residents (2017) from 49 countries has replaced money as a person's measure of value with individual worth, collaboration and brotherhood   

The Chopra Center

The Chopra Center

Meshing modern medical science with the ancient sciences of yoga, meditation and ayurveda the Chopra Center provides an integrative approach to well being. Also collaborating with visionaries, scientists, pioneers, physicians and industry experts to educate and inspire seekers around the world    

Thrive Movement

Thrive Movement

Assisting humanity in thriving through the evolutionary challenges that threaten our survival, focusing on breakthrough technologies in health, well being, agriculture, environment, energy and more  

Science and Nonduality

Preeminent scientists, philosophers, teachers, artists and the international community gather to explore and advance the new paradigm emerging that is both grounded in cutting edge science and ancient wisdom

New Earth Project

New Earth Project

Connecting established and developing communities to help humanity usher in a new era of planetary well being, peace and prosperity - education, exchange, media, food freedom and sovereignty.  

Seed Freedom

Seed Freedom

A network of individuals and organisations aligning thoughts and actions with the laws of Mother Earth and protecting biodiversity by defending freedom of the seed against patents, GMOs and other inalienable rights

Global Ecovillage Network

Global Ecovillage Network

A global network that supports the experimental creation and preservation of human settlements that not only sustain, but regenerate their social and natural environments.  


Isha Foundation

Isha Foundation

Dedicated to cultivating human potential, the Isha Foundation recognizes the possibility of each person to empower another - restoring global community through inspiration and individual transformation 



Empowering an evolution of consciousness, Gaia aims to create a new reality of mindful people living in harmony with our environment and each other 



Providing tools and inspiration for the youth of the world to find themselves, empower others and shift the world from Me to We.

David Icke

David Icke

Similar to how Orwell's predictions in 1984 are playing out today, David Icke's 20+ years of once controversial views are now showing to be true time and again. With courage and no sign of mincing words David Icke travels the world to sold out venues informing us of the state of the world



An original disruptor in the modern era of unity consciousness. Zeitgeist has woken millions of people to our current reality of corporation's relentless drive for profit at the expense of people.    

Ted Talks

Ted Talks

Arguably the most conservative within the "enlightenment industry" yet TED certainly offers a heaping dose of inspiring and 

status-quo challenging perspectives. 

A great place to start if you're somewhat new on the path of personal awakening 


Community Exchange System

Community Exchange System

An online platform that allows users to exchange goods and services anywhere in the world without the use of money

Time Banks

Time Banks USA

Time Banks are an alternative currency to money and are highly adaptable to the specific needs of different communities. 

TimeBanks USA offers software and support for any community to run their own time bank. 

Sharing Economy


Rather than exploiting our resources for the wants of individuals, RBEs (resource based economy) adapt to the natural limits and needs of our environment. IRBE has also founded the Sharing Depot and Tool Library.

Open Source


One of countless platforms where people build on each other's contributions. Foldit is famous for it's amateur scientific community solving a problem in 3 weeks that the traditional scientific community was unable to accomplish in fifteen years.



A wiki is a website that allows users to log in, edit content and build on each other's contributions. 

WikiHow, Wictionary, WikiTravel are other examples.

Crowd funding

Kick Starter

Crowd funding allows groups of people to collectively support individual initiatives.

There are dozens of options to choose from many offer more than only financial support 

In And Around Vernon


The Food Action Network of North Okanagan brings the community together for education, film nights and other outreach to help improve our local food security

Vernon Permaculture

Vernon Permaculture

An open community group who aims to share regenerative knowledge and hands on experiences with one another in order to build a stronger community and healthier local environment.

Fieldstone Organics

Located in Armstrong, Fieldstone Organics promotes a healthy, wholesome organic way of life with their local food products and connects farmers, community and consumers to support long term sustainability...and no GMOs!!

Vernon Community Gardens

Vernon Community Garden

A true collaboration between the Vernon community and town council to provide  community gardens for everyone to benefit from

Giving Tuesday Okanagan

November 28, 2017

Promoting the act of giving - anything from a smile to a helping hand to clothing. 

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