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Activate Us' Cascade

A Cascade is a network of businesses supporting one another. Not only business owners supporting their neighbours but the actual business relying on (and being relied upon) one another by design.

The premise of building a Cascade within your community is: “to start one business for the purpose of starting the next, which in turn, supports the previous”.

Activate Us began it’s Cascade in 2019 and has since grown to multiple businesses in multiple locations, each business and location complimenting the others.

Keep up to date on our Telegram Channel and Blog as our Cascade unfolds.

Skid Markz

Skid Markz was the first business practicing all aspects of The BRIDGE. We knew that after two years of theorizing The BRIDGE model we needed to put it into action, to either prove or disprove the theory.

Now, two years later, we have two successful locations and are happy to report: The BRIDGE works! 

Sikd Markz is a replicable business model and is great for anyone who has 1) begun practicing The BRIDGE and 2) would like to produce sustainable wood products by cleaning up their community.

2023 Moon Calendar w/Wood Stand

Skid Markz and Eunanna Calligrapher, two Canadian businesses practicing The BRIDGE, have combined efforts and produced this beautiful moon phase calendar and pine wood stand with options of finish and clip or dowel hanger.

This is an example of the Coordinated Effort which is a foundational aspect of The BRIDGE.

Following the moon phases brings awareness of the flow of nature and her rhythms.   Purchasing this calendar and stand not only helps you connect with the natural flow of life, it also helps humanity cross The BRIDGE.

Purchase from the Etsy Store linked below.

Monkey Wrenches

Monkey Wrenches is the second business in Activate Us’ Cascade. Like many of our projects it had begun years ago, just waiting for the right time to emerge.

Monkey Wrenches and Skid Markz support one another quite subtly; Skid Markz provided capital needed to publish Monkey Wrenches and builds the wooden displays the book is sold from. While Monkey Wrenches on the other hand, promotes the work we are doing within it’s pages and opens people’s minds to the possibility of a new social paradigm. It’s a connection that supports both businesses yet allows each to thrive independently

Monkey Wrenches is only distributed through local shops and markets and by local residents. Details on this model are in the video.

A copy may also be purchased through our store or at an in-person workshop. (see Training Program below)

Training Program

The BRIDGE Training Program is the culmination of all effort and learning up until this point.

First imagining a collaborative society, then theorizing a model and practising it in real world settings.

Next, independent people within Activate Us working Interdependently, to create independent businesses which now operate interdependently.

And finally, we are now helping action groups become independent for the purpose of linking interdependently with one another, building a grassroots network of sovereign communities.

For five years we have lived The BRIDGE and proved it’s viability. Now it’s time to evolve society!

More information about learning The BRIDGE is on the Webinars & Workshops page

AUM (Activate Us Merchandise)

Our fourth business is called AUM (Activate Us Merchandise). It is an online shop selling a range of item from coffee mugs and notebooks to hoodies and ball caps.

We use a print-on-demand service where we upload our original (often thought provoking) artwork then select products we’d like to offer. the POD company prints and ships these items only when an order comes in. This process keeps waste to a minimum and allows both parties to focus on what they do best.

Products we’ve chosen to offer are quality, socially and ecologically conscious, and designed by the Activate Us team. If you want a solid product and want to support our work, this is a great option.

Browse through fun items on our Store Page.

Practising What We Preach

If you decide you’d like to purchase from one of our businesses…Thank You!

This little video outlines the route your money takes. Rather than financial contributions going directly to pay our personal expenses, this routing assures

  1. your money helps actively practice The BRIDGE which further refines and shares the model
  2. we are incentivized to use the money wisely because it’s the success of our business that pay us
  3. your contribution is leveraged to the max!