There are three ways to engage with Activate Us - read our books, watch our videos and attend or organize a talk with your community. Each offer their own unique way of engaging with the information we are presenting and each are available for both Aikido Economics and Wakie Wakie Eggs n' Bakey.

About Us



 Short explainer videos on topics such as: 

- how money siphons human effort

- war's business model

- how Aikido Economics works

- what is a Resource Based Economy 

- controlling your intention 

- biological algorithms 

- memory, now, imagination 

- emotions are sensory inputs

- how to use cognitive dissonance 

- the infinitesimal-ness of science 

- how science and religion expressions of the same spiritual message

and many other slightly off center and unique perspectives 



 A series of books that look at society from new perspectives. The first one is now for sale - called Wakie Wakie Eggs n' Bakey (which was the catalyst that launched this half of Activate Us

Two other manuscripts being written are Business After Capitalism - the people-centric approach to business 

and Philosophy of a Canoeist 

A fourth book currently being outlined is Part II of Business After Capitaism and will be focused on Aikido Economics



Lecture style presentations with the author of Aikido Economics or Wakie Wakie in either webinar format or live speaking engagements in your community.


If purchasing a book or scheduling a talk does't appeal to you but would like to help this material be developed please consider 

Until society has transitioned to a Resource Based Economy food still costs money and the plain fact is the more time we can spend creating and sharing our findings the faster the world will  

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