Aikido Economics - "The BRIDGE"


 AIKIDO ECONOMICS, also known as "The BRIDGE", is a socio-economic model that harnesses capitalism's momentum to transition from our current Financial Based Economy to a (desperately needed) Resource Based Economy. 

By rearranging existing business and accounting practice into the correct order we allow our finance based economy fade away like the fiction it always was and at the same time increasing standards of living along the way. 


 The Resource Based Economy (RBE) is a platform that solutions to just about every problem plaguing today's human civilization is designed to thrive upon, yet they continue to struggle because of our outdated (FBE) platform. 

Everything from environmental advocacy and species welfare to cultural development and social programming to research and technology to poverty, hunger and homelessness are hampered because there is "never enough money". Even war, deforestation, and pollution are solved with RBE, ultimately leaving us with solutions to problems that no longer exist. 


 Think of your cell phone trying to run new apps on an old operating system. They never work properly or can't be installed in the first place. The outdated OS ends up rendering the entire device useless. In our case society is the device and the FBE is the old OS. It causes the glitches and at the same time prevents the solutions from being installed. Our Finance Based Economy is the weak link to human civilization and the Resource Based Economy is the updated version.  

 There are two main features to Aikido Economics: the Accounting Switch and The Coordinated Effort. Together, when applied to the Co-operative business structure, they  unlock previously unattainable wealth, siphon wealth back from the capitalist paradigm and accelerates the transfer of ownership that is already underway with the Co-operative movement.  

Accounting Switch


A simple "pebble in the pond" to capitalist accounting that ripples throughout the books unlocking capital, unlocking business potential, unlocking profits, and unlocking wages. 

Coordinated Effort


A business evolutionary leap itself, communities execute a long term 

plan where businesses build upon 

each others' success...Initiating business #1 for the purpose of 

initiating business #2



Where the accounting switch builds wealth and the coordinated effort builds control, using the Co-operative business structure builds ownership. All together these create sovereign communities and individuals. 

 At a time in human history we have access to more than enough of everything for everyone, what use is there to hold anything back from others? Holding opportunity away from your neighbor is also a limit to you.