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The BRIDGE Book – Human Potential

We are in the process of writing a book that takes a deep dive into each of the 9 aspects of The BRIDGE.  Cindy and I are working on the three Wakie Wakie aspects; Monkey Wrenches, Human Mechanism, and Intuition.

Writing a book, or even just a portion of a book, requires a fair amount of research…even when attempting to keep the information at a relatively high level. Cindy and I get together every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to dig and sort through the information we discovered over Tuesday, Thursday and the weekend.  We have to, quite regularly, remind each other that we are not writing a book on mental health, or nutrition, or how to expand consciousness.  We are writing the section of The BRIDGE Book that reminds the reader that mental health, nutrition, expanded consciousness,  and other human aspects, are intricately related, and reaching our personal human potential is directly tied to how well we balance and manage a more healthy society overall.

Most recently we have been focusing our attention on the Human Mechanism aspect…which we call “Being human – Exploring human potential”.  We have researched psychology, intelligence, the importance of social interaction, and for the last couple of weeks we’ve been diving into physical health.  With health being in the forefront of my thoughts, I’m more aware of my sleep patterns, my exercise habits, what foods I reach for when it’s time to eat, how much time I spend in front of my computer and what supplements I am including and why.

It turns out that, even though I consider myself “healthy”, there is a lot of room for me to optimize my potential, especially with the filter on my physical form. 

With all the talk… everywhere… about food security and being prepared for food and, possibly, energy shortages, I have been ordering bulk foods from our local organic co-op.  I have bags of ancient grains, legumes, dried pastas, nuts and seeds and seeds for growing some of our own veggies this year.  I have started experimenting with sprouting different seeds to see how they can be used in my meal plans.  I have been mastering foods like falafel…from scratch… and hummus and learning about all the foods that can be used in place of eggs… depending on what I am making.  This week I made crackers from brown rice, quinoa and a bunch of seeds and spices… so tasty!

What has been astonishing is how quickly my body has responded to eating these minimally processed foods.  I have more energy, I am sleeping better, I’ve lost about 7lbs, my waist has shrunk by about 3 inches… and apologies for the tmi…I am eliminating better and more frequently.

A large part of successfully crossing The BRIDGE is recognizing how our current system has programed us to think in certain ways.  Beginning to explore new, healing ways to be on this planet is key to breaking free from our limiting beliefs and allowing ourselves to expand into our full potential. 

The BRIDGE Book will be finished this year, 2023… in the meantime, check out the Monkey Wrenches book which helps to loosen some of those more entrenched beliefs.

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