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The REALITY Challenge

I have been struggling recently to maintain higher frequencies… joy, peace, certainty, playfulness, appreciation.  I’m not saying I don’t have higher frequency moments…I certainly practice gratitude, and consciously tune into what I’m thinking, how my body feels and many other tools I have learned over the years of “waking up,” but holding the frequency is truly challenging for me these days.

I live my life in a fairly routine way… I get up early enough to do some meditation, strive to get some daily exercise, spend time in nature… which isn’t too hard for me because I live in the foothills outside of a tiny town in Colorado… eat healthily, have quality time with my family and friends…but the dramas that are playing out around the world have a way of slipping into my awareness without any conscious effort on my part, resulting in feelings of anger, frustration, sadness, hopelessness and despondency.

Fair warning… this is not a solution oriented post… I am truly in the throes of dealing with the intense emotions that come with seeing what is unfolding in this 3rd dimension.  I have friends who are quick to try and console me with comments like “these are great signs that the elite are losing their power.”  Or “the old has to crumble away in order for the new to manifest.”  I even have moments when I nod my head in agreement, and I am pacified for a time… until the next sly delivery of drama worms its way in.

I am very grateful for Activate Us and The Bridge Model.  I meet with other people, on a weekly basis, who are not only actively imagining a future where we all take care of each other and the planet, but they are taking steps to help manifest that kind of future.  This helps keep my despondency at bay.  I am able to visualize a world where tyranny and totalitarianism can’t get any traction.  Where psychos and sociopaths can not get into positions of power or influence.  A world where people are encouraged to follow their passions, as long as they do no harm to others.

Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”  What I take that to mean is that we create through our imagination… being around people who can help me imagine the kind of world I want to live in helps me remember that integrity, honesty, compassion, trust, joy peace and playfulness are all possible right now.  The more I hang out with people who see that we are creating our future through the choices we make every day, every moment, the more I am able to maintain the higher frequencies I am striving for.

I guess, from the “solution” perspective, I would say, if you are struggling in a similar way, find a group of people who are not wallowing in the collapse of our society, but are actively imagining the future world they want to live in… and from their imagining taking action that reveals the next steps to take.  Here are a few groups that I find inspiring: Freedom Cell Network , Life Force Canada, One Small Town, the Thrive Movement, and of course what we are doing here at  Activate Us.


  1. Blue Pearl Awakening on Telegram

    This rings so true. As we traverse the soul scapes of our drama filled world the extremes of emotions spin our experience sometimes out of orbit.
    The hardest part for me is the feeling of disempowerment and I really appreciate the reminder of the power of imagination .
    We are creators and we can imagine and then take steps toward the fulfillment of that vision. Remembering we have the piwer to create and can create a more peaceful healthy and joyful world.
    We are finding our tribe to do that and we are remembering our power.
    Its a one day at a time kind of path, and its worth every step when I can decide to create and imagine the better world.
    Im imagining today a more peaceful loving world with people remembering how precious each one of us are.

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