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Love (and Life)

Love (and life)

Love can only be total

It can never be partial, it can never be some or mostly

If so, maybe then it is actually admiration or pride or even conquest

Love of yourself and love of another will always be total

It includes what is and what is not

It can never exist according to a preconceived belief

It can never be part of a set pattern of what should be

Because this considers only what is and what you have, not who you are

Love includes what is not and what you have not

Love who you are, love who they are

The dogma of a set system will always find fault because what you don’t have will be considered missing

Rather, what you don’t have is, in reality, part of who you are, your total

A hole is not missing dirt, a chair is not missing excess fabric and a sculpture is not missing the chunks, shavings, filings and dust that have refined it to the complete work of art that it is

You are not missing humour, you are not missing muscle, you are not missing punctuality or grace or status or anything you think you’re missing

Love can only be total when you combine what is with what is not

And it will change, one day your confidence will go away, love who you’ve become

One day wrinkles will come, love who you’ve become

And if by chance you meet a person who loves you in total and whom you love in total in return…then love who they are and love who they become

And if you find one day that your love would be total “if only” then it is no longer love, but rather a part of love like companionship or partnership or worse, compromise which may lead to resentment, anger and hate.

Love is total, and so is life. Strive for more if you wish, but not at the expense of accepting who you are right now.

^ Inspired after reading Bruce Lee – Artist of Life by John Little, which in turn inspired the wholistic nature of The BRIDGE.

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