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The Train Of My Life … And The Station Of My Soul

At birth, we get on the train and meet our parents.

We think they’ll always travel with us.

Yet at a station, our parents will descend from the train, leaving us alone to continue the journey.

As time passes, other people get on the train.

And they will be important: our siblings, our friends, our children, even the love of our lives.

Many will resign (even the love of our life) and leave a void more or less great.

Others will be so discreet that they won’t realize they left their seats.

This journey by train will be full of joys, sorrows, expectations, greetings, and farewells.

Success is to have good relations with all the passengers provided we give the best of ourselves

We don’t know which station we’re going to take, so let’s live happily, love and forgive.

It is important to do so because when we get off the train, we will only have to leave beautiful memories to those who will continue their journey.

Let us be happy with what we have and thank the sky for this fantastic journey.

Also, thank you for being one of the passengers on my train.

And if I have to get down to the next station, I’m glad I’ve come a long way with you.

I want to tell every person who reads this text that I thank you for being in my life and traveling/ on my train.

~ Jean D ‘Ormesson

…until, at the next stop you realize the train and station are not separate and both are not moving. You look back from the station only to know that bodies jostling and sharing ideas create the feeling of the train rolling over landscape. 

We get on the train, interact, and get off. We find the same faces at the station we thought had left us from the train. 

At the station we share our experiences. We laugh and learn from them. And when the time is right we change clothes and climb onto a new car for new experiences armed with what we have learned. 

All the while folks at the station look up from their conversations to see confused bodies bumping around trying to make sense of it all. They tell themselves, “next time I will remember” 

What you do on the train will be topics of discussion at the station. What will you contribute? How will you be received by others when you arrive? Will they have saved you a seat, or will they politely avoid eye contact?

Know that you are not the body on the train nor the person in the station. You are what travels between both. Learn who you are and how you affect others. Then it will be easy to enjoy the ride and the discussion afterward. 

~ Ray Bretzloff  

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