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Taking your first steps across The BRIDGE

It really seems the final pieces of the puzzle are coming together in regard to building the next version of human society. For the past few decades hundreds (probably thousands) of seemingly unrelated initiatives, business styles, personal development practice and the like, have emerged. Everything from men’s support groups to “People, Planet, Profit” to empowerment practices in the workplace to the ability to live on a beach typing a blog in order to make a living (no, I’m not on a beach…today!).

Until now these societal upgrades have been somewhat haphazard. (From a logical perspective anyway, likely they have been guided by something beyond our current comprehension. Maybe we save that topic for another article though!)

But now we have The BRIDGE, a purposeful social structure incorporating any/all of these advancements onto a common platform. And even though we have a framework to build our new paradigm from, an interesting hurdle still remains, how DOES one “get started” with The BRIDGE? 

I air quoted the phrase get started because we aren’t really starting anything, per se. Pretty much everything about The BRIDGE already exists, we’ve just sequenced these things for the specific purpose of transcending our antiquated social systems. So the hurdle itself is even semantics: getting started at something we already do.

This sort of confusing overlap shows up quite often actually because most of where we’re going doesn’t exist, even though the pieces to get us there do. And so, what happens is we end up resorting to terminology and approaches that we’re familiar with and used to but are also trying to leave behind. Our 2D linear ways of thinking can’t reconcile the 3D holistic place we’re creating.

But still, how DOES one begin incorporating The BRIDGE into daily routines so we can transcend the old?

I’m so glad you asked! This question has come up enough that we created a little video to help explain.

The gist is: first, follow this blog and our telegram channel. These are the two places we post the most recent news and where you can generally get a feel for what we’re up to. Then watch the video modules on our website activateus.org. They will give you a better sense of what The BRIDGE model is in practical terms.

Then, once you feel intuitively nudged to learn more, schedule yourself into a BtaPS webinar (BRIDGE to a Parallel Society) where we’ll present and discuss the high-level concept of The BRIDGE and how it can transition humanity into the next thousand years of abundance.

From there we have more intensive workshops when your action group is in a position to implement and practice The BRIDGE in real world settings.

Hope this helps clarify first steps. We all have the opportunity to move into a better world together. Just don’t leave it too long eh. I’m looking forward to that beach!

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