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… and then there were WORKSHOPS!

Are you familiar with Life Force Canada?  They are an actively growing group of Canadians volunteering their time and energy to create a parallel society based on, what they are calling, Nine Pillars, which consist of: Food; Education; Health & Wellness; Environment; Energy; Security; Media; Money/Exchange; Law.  They have been inviting experts in the fields of the Nine Pillars and recording the presentations and then posting them to their YouTube channel.  

In April 2022 one of the co-founders of Life Force Canada, Karen Klassen, invited the Activate Us team, Ray Bretzloff, Cindy Roberts and I, to introduce The BRIDGE model to Life Force Canada.  To our great pleasure there was strong interest in what we have been honing for the past few years.  (As with all of LFC’s presentations, “The BRIDGE to a Parallel Society” is available on LFC’s YouTube channel.  You can watch it here.)  In fact, there was so much interest, Karen asked if we would be willing to do a follow-up workshop. 

Saturday, May 28th Activate Us, along with LFC’s Karen Klassen, presented a 3 hour BRIDGE workshop for Life Force Canada.  The BRIDGE, as you know, is the perfect model for building a parallel society. 

This was our first collaborative workshop and we are pleased with how it turned out and what we learned to improve future ones.

It was great to get to share the aspects of The BRIDGE model with so many ‘change the paradigm’ inspired folks.  We are working on the next steps with LFC and continuing to hone the presentations we have for presenting to other paradigm changing inspired folks.  It’s getting exciting out here on The BRIDGE.  Stay tuned for reports on the Full-Day workshops being scheduled this summer.

Workshop Image by kalhh from Pixabay

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