Hi folks. Thanks for your interest in Activate Vernon. The project is in its inception right now and so we're accepting collaborative ideas to refine it as much as possible.

Please take a snoop through this temporary website and offer any feedback you feel would help bring the project that much closer to greatness! 

Thanks! ^Ray

The Jist



Everyone has at least one good idea that they feel would benefit others. If you're keen to explore it's viability then drop us a line



We provide the means for entire communities to contribute to the success of projects



Once the plan is refined and the community is in support, we activate it!

A Bit More about AV

Activate Vernon is a social enterprise that fosters sustainable innovation by exploiting the resources of a community for the benefit of the community. In a collaborative environment, Innovators follow the development of their idea to the point of becoming a clear and objective project plan. 

There are 40,000 people in Vernon and every one of us has a seed on an idea that's been milling around in the back of our minds - a better widget, a way to grow healthy produce in a warehouse, a process to turn plastic into road surfacing or a theoretical technology to harness the energy of fluctuating weather patterns. Whatever the idea, without experimentation an unimaginable amount of human potential lays dormant.

Activate Vernon facilitates the collaboration of ideas by bringing together innovators, industry experts, community input and community resources to wake up, even a fraction of this dormant potential, for the purpose of exploring what human creative achievement really looks like.