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Activate Us is a group of people doing our part to help society keep pace with human evolution. We've developed a practical pathway taking us from our competitive capitalist environment to one more in tune with natural processes. We call this pathway The BRIDGE™.

The BRIDGE is a grassroots, decentralized, non-hierarchical social framework with the ability to align every person and initiative in the world who are working for the betterment of humanity, effectively transcending our outdated societal structures altogether.

Activate Us offers Resources, Workshops and Support to assist Groups and Individuals build Sovereign Parallel Societies as well as network and collaborate with neighbouring communities.

We offer

  • In-Person and Online Presentations and Workshops,
  • Video Modules and a Training Workbook,
  • And we facilitate a Peer Support Network for those practicing The BRIDGE to share and learn from one another.

You could say "Evolving Human Society is what we do; practicing The BRIDGE is just how we do it!"


Activate Us has sequenced certain aspects of everyday society in a way that bridges our current model with a style we all feel in our hearts is long overdue. A society where intuition guides decisions and where one’s talents and skills are measurably valued contributions to community without needing them to be monetized.

Today we use a “Trade Based” economy as the common language for all businesses, organizations, communities and even personal households to interact with one another. “I’ll do something for you if you do something for me”.

The BRIDGE begins here and introduces collaborative measures, freeing up time and money due to increased efficiencies when compared to competitive environments. The BRIDGE ends having transcended the concept of commerce altogether, not even barter would be relevant.

This is a time when Access Management, Resource Based Economies and other equitable systems – which have been theorized and practised by our favourite forward thinking community structures (The Venus Project, One Small Town, Auroville and other Intentional Communities) – become firmly established.

We expect the transition “across The BRIDGE” to take a generation and a half. When the first kids are born only knowing collaborative approaches to life, it would seem unlikely for them to regress back to expending more time and energy, to work against their neighbor, in order to receive less. Thus, beginning the next era of human civilization; one where sovereignty and abundance is our baseline to build from. And it all starts with a single step (…watching a single video!)


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Whatever inspires you…

  • Overcoming inequality

  • Financial independence for everyone

  • Building community connection

  • Realizing your own potential

  • Ridding the world of tyranny

Note: we created this video at a time when an argument could still be made society was salvageable. That time has obviously passed given the events of 2019-2022. However, we do encourage everyone to know their personal motivation to participate in evolving society.

…use it to help power us all across The BRIDGE



Aligning social movements around the world
for the betterment of humanity.


Want to dive deeper and integrate The BRIDGE Model into your life?  We have training available.


Our first business fully practicing
The BRIDGE Model

Activate Us Merchandise

Show off your participation in creating a New System and support Activate Us at the same time.

Video Modules

A series of video modules outlining
key aspects of The BRIDGE


Keep up-to-date with all the great things happening with and through Activate Us

New Paradigm Terminology

Aikido Economics:  harnessing the momentum of our current Finance Based Economy to not only reclaim worker control but also increase standards of living along the way.

Accounting Switch:  A re-sequencing of the balance sheet freeing up monies

Metabolism:  How financial and material wealth is distributed within a community; mimicking how energy is distributed within a body.

Self Organizing:  Systems of grassroots community management to replace antiquated systems of hierarchical control

Walking the Talk

The BRIDGE isn’t only a theory. It was put into action January 2020.

This video outlines the general transition that may happen as parallel society’s emerge on The BRIDGE platform.

The BRIDGE In Action

Business Projects / Cascade

Zero Waste

Skid Markz™ was our very first project within the Activate Us initiative, allowing us to practice all aspects of The BRIDGE – Aikido Economics, Coordinated Effort and Wakie Wakie.

We have since started three other complimentary businesses, forming what is known as a “Cascade – an interdependent network of businesses and community projects purposely designed to support one another.

The BRIDGE isn’t just a good idea. It’s been running in real world settings since 2020.

Webinars and Workshops

Building Your Sovereign Parallel Society

Webinars and workshops are another of our Cascade businesses.

This is where the rubber hits the road. No more rhetoric, no more great ideas for someone else to go try. The BRIDGE has been in practice since January 2020 and is ready for implementation where you live too.  

When you’re through with cheer leading and ready for action, join a scheduled B-TaPS Presentation to see if BRIDGE construction is right for your community.

If you already have a group looking  for ways to “be the change”, contact us and we’ll schedule a Presentation for your group.


Activate Us Merchandise / AUM

Building Your Sovereign Parallel Society


The Activate Us Store, we call AUM, is another business in our Cascade.

Don’t know what a “Cascade” is?  Learn about The BRIDGE and Cascades here.

We are continually adding products to our store, T-shirts, stickers, books, workshops…and who knows what will be inspired tomorrow?  Be sure to keep an eye on our shop… it is one of the great ways to support building a Sovereign Parallel Society


Who Else is Crossing The BRIDGE?

The future does not exist.
The only way to get there from here
Is by tossing an imaginary grappling hook towards a dream
Otherwise how can we be anywhere but lost?
~ Laurie Simons