What we do...

Activate Us is a Think Tank / Action Group. We develop and practice alternative business and social initiatives for the purpose of exploring what humanity is really capable of. 

We approach this goal from two practical directions...

Aikido Economics - "The BRIDGE"

AIKIDO ECONOMICS -  we have developed a pathway to bridge from our current Finance Based Economy to a Resource Based Economy while increasing standards of living along the way ultimately releasing humanity from the limits of money and leaving society with solutions to problems that no longer exist. 

Wakie Wakie Eggs n' Bakey


WAKIE WAKIE EGGS n' BAKEY - we examine the nature of our societal and natural realities and explore how humans operate within them. Challenging conventional thinking and questioning the unquestionable naturally leads to individuals exploring modern and ancient wisdom and ultimately their own potential.

Why we do it...

I'm not sure anyone can predict or describe what the next stage of humanity will look like, we haven't been there yet. But it is painfully clear that our current model of society (namely the finance based economy) is drastically outdated, holding our entire civilization back in many respects. 

Activate Us doesn't claim to be creating or building the next stage in human society. Quite the opposite in fact. Our work simply brings obstacles into our awareness. When a limit is made aware of 

allowing for natural evolution can take place. 

Darwin was wrong in his assertion of "survival of the fittest". Competition is not healthy and much of the world has already woken up to this realization. In fact, Activate Us itself is playing a collaborative role within our larger global community. Working with individuals and organisations to allow a more whole version of society to unfold. 

When community and people are given priority ahead of personal and material gain, we abundantly thrive as individuals. It's a beautiful irony!