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Activate Us is a Think Tank. We are a group of people doing our part to help society keep pace with human evolution. We've developed a practical pathway taking us from our competitive capitalist environment to one more in tune with natural processes. We call this pathway The BRIDGE™.

The BRIDGE is a grassroots, decentralized, non-hierarchical social framework with the ability to align every individual and social movement in the world who are working for the betterment of humanity, and increase standards of living while transcending our outdated societal structures altogether.

Activate Us offers Resources and Support to assist Groups and Individuals build Sovereign Parallel Societies; and to Network and Collaborate with neighbouring communities doing the same. 

We offer:

  • In-Person and Online Presentations and Workshops
  • Video Training Modules
  • Books and Workbooks
  • And we facilitate a Peer Support Network (the B-Team) for those of us practising The BRIDGE.

You could say "Evolving Human Society is what we do; practising The BRIDGE is just how we do it!"


Activate Us has sequenced certain aspects of everyday society in a way that bridges our current model with a style we all feel in our hearts is long overdue. A society where intuition guides decisions and where one’s talents and skills are measurably valued contributions to community without needing them to be monetized.

Today we use a “Trade Based” economy as the common language for all businesses, organizations, communities and even households to interact with one another. “I’ll do something for you if you do something for me”.

The BRIDGE begins here and introduces collaborative measures, freeing up time and money due to increased efficiencies when compared to competitive environments. The BRIDGE ends having transcended the concept of commerce altogether, not even barter would be relevant.

This is a time when Access Management, Resource Based Economies and other equitable systems – which have been theorized and practised by our favourite forward thinking social pioneers (The Venus Project, One Small Town, Auroville and other Intentional Communities) – become firmly established.

We expect the transition “across The BRIDGE” to take a generation and a half. When the first kids are born only knowing collaborative approaches to life, it would seem unlikely for them to regress back to expending more time and energy, to work against their neighbor, in order to receive less. Thus, beginning the next era of human civilization; one where sovereignty and abundance is our baseline to build from. And it all starts with a single step (…watching a single video!)


Sovereignty University

Higher education for new paradigm pioneers to build a truly sovereign, free and abundant civilization 


Live and recorded courses and workshops to help groups and individuals with their practical and clerical journey to sovereignty


Profound, thought provoking and practical manuals by those engaged in the sovereignty movement 

Sovereignty University

Sovereignty University™ is a curation of learning resources by Activate Us and fellow organisations who are actively contributing to society’s upgrade.

Resources are compiled into two categories – the PRACTICAL TRANSITION from austerity to abundance following The BRIDGE model and the CLERICAL TRANSITION from the Public (legal) Domain through the Private Domain, finally resting when society can govern itself with the principles of Natural Law. We call this transition Sea to Sovereignty. 

By working together, combining and leveraging each others efforts, we create a Network of Sovereignty Learning, setting up future generations to enjoy the next era of prosperity.

Sovereignty University … Higher Education for Higher Awareness

Workshops & Courses

Activate Us has three workshops of its own on Sovereignty University; each supporting its respective area of The BRIDGE.

The Cascade workshop relates to Aikido Economics by assisting action groups with their collaborative business development.

The Starter Kit workshop relates to the Coordinated Effort by sharing the mechanics of various group development strategies that have worked well for Activate Us.

Who is Running Your Show is a personal development workshop and relates to the Wakie Wakie area of The BRIDGE. It is a progression to assist groups and individuals navigate the subtle realm to materialize the life they want by connecting the dots between the latest quantum theory with millennia old spiritual practice.


Business After Capitalism™ a collaborative, people-centric approach to business (available Autumn 2024)

The BRIDGE Workbook – to be used in conjunction with the video modules, this training workbook was also designed for action groups to use as their first community in lieu of starting a business

Monkey Wrenches – Quotes Concepts, Statements and Stories to challenge your perspective of the world.



A Cascade is a network of
collaborative businesses unfolding within a community


Activate Us has four collaborative businesses within our Cascade


By purchasing from one of our businesses you support our work... which in turn supports humanity


The BRIDGE isn’t just theory. Activate Us has initiated four businesses (listed below) to practice features of The BRIDGE  in real world settings. Rather than asking others to “go try our great idea”, we decided to prove, or disprove, the theory for ourselves. (Spoiler alert: so far so good!)

The collaborative and people-centric business practises described in Business After Capitalism are expanded and accelerated when applied, not just within businesses, but also among them. This network is called a Cascade and this video outlines how businesses may support one another as sovereign parallel societies unfold. 

**Each of Activate Us’ businesses have been designed to run in multiple locations.
Please contact us if you feel one may suite your community.

Skid Markz

Skid Markz™ was our first business project within the Activate Us initiative, allowing us to practice all aspects of The BRIDGE – Aikido Economics, Coordinated Effort and Wakie Wakie.

Skid Markz diverts unwanted wood pallets that would otherwise be headed for landfill and gives them a second chance by turning them in to useful everyday products for home and office.

Skid Markz is a Zero Waste company and reduces the need for new trees to be cut as well as other significant social and environmental benefits.

Book Distribution program

Monkey Wrenches does not sell through corporate distributors. Instead, we partner with action groups who sell Monkey Wrenches at local cafes, book stores and gift shops. This leaves more profits with the retailers and offers a source of revenue for action groups fund their work.

It also a way to practice The BRIDGE in real world settings by connecting multiple businesses within your Cascade and by networking with other communities who also distribute Monkey Wrenches.

More details are in this video. Drop us a line if you’d like to explore this distributor program.

Monkey Wrenches Greeting Cards

A spin-off from the Monkey Wrenches book, we’ve created a series of thought provoking and inspiring greeting cards by combining original photos and sayings from the Activate Us team.

Greeting Cards are provided by a print-on-demand service. We upload our artwork to the POD company who then prints and ships only when an order comes in. This process keeps waste to a minimum and allows both parties to focus on what they do best.


GuideStickers™ sells Adventure Sports Merchandise.

It turns out all those ridiculous sayings that go without notice while you’re out adventuring are REALLY funny as stickers. So, drawing from our wilderness guiding background we created GuideStickers!

Guidestickers was built upon the design and print-on-demand experience learned from the Monkey Wrenches book and greeting card businesses.

Take a browse through our online store.
See how many you recognize… or probably say without even knowing!

Practising What We Preach

If you decide you’d like to purchase from one of our businesses…Thank You!

This video outlines the route your money takes… rather than financial contributions going directly to pay our personal expenses:

  1. your money helps actively practice The BRIDGE which further refines and shares the model.
  2. we are incentivized to use the money wisely because the success of our businesses is what pays us.
  3. your contribution is leveraged to the max!

And remember, our businesses are designed to collaborate. We may be open to working with your action group should one of our projects fit into your Cascade.



The general evolution of Activate Us
and our work since 2016

The B-Team

When ordinary people work together, extraordinary things can happen

Getting Started

For those who are ready... 
to exchange rhetoric for action! 

How much we've grown

The Activate Us team met in 2016/17 during our participation with Ubuntu One Small Town. From those experiences, The BRIDGE model was developed throughout 2018/19. In 2020 we implemented The BRIDGE in real world setting with our first business Skid Markz.

Since then, we’ve continued to initiate collaborative businesses that practice The BRIDGE as well as publish books and produce workshops to share our findings. All of these resources are now offered through Sovereignty University, established in 2023. 

Activate Us continues to participate in the Sovereignty Movement today by further developing and practising sovereign and collaborative social systems and by sharing our experiences.

Please feel free to reach out if you have an in-person or online event or interview you’d like us to attend.

The B-Team

The B-Team is a group of renegades, each representing our own initiatives. We meet regularly to discuss “all things BRIDGE”. Past and current groups we’ve collaborated with over the years include:

  • ED Video Plus – documentary filmmakers, collaborative board game designers and collaborators on Sovereignty University
  • Life Force Canada – facilitating online and in-person courses, presentations and discussions in the areas of personal and community sovereignty
  • Dreams Academy – coaching and digital tools for youth entrepreneurs and teachers in the practice of sustainable society development

If you too would like to take part in these discussions, that’d be great! Please message us and we’ll take it from there. In the meantime:

Getting Started

There are basically two options you can take if you feel called to The BRIDGE – Do something, or wait and see.

This video outlines the basic steps for those in a position to actively participate in society’s evolution.

For everyone else, please follow us on Telegram or other social channels and subscribe to our newsletter to keep engaged with this shift.