Hi folks,

Activate Vernon is a social enterprise that fosters intuition and innovation in a collaborative environment by expolreing the untapped resources of a community for the benefit of the community.

That's a pretty full statement so please, take a snoop through this website to get a sense of how we make this happen and where you may want to lend a hand...

Thanks ^Ray Bretzloff

The Jist


Projects and ideas are brought forward by the people of Vernon


We provide the means for entire communities to contribute to the success of those projects


Once the plan is refined and the community is in support, we activate it!

A Bit More

There are 40,000 people in Vernon and every one of us has a seed of an idea milling around in the back of our minds - maybe you're sure you have the next Nanaimo Bar, or know of a process to grow healthy produce in a warehouse. Maybe you can lead research into harnessing the energy of fluctuating weather patterns or would like to coordinate Inspirational workshops. Whatever the idea, without experimentation and pursuit of these ideas an unimaginable amount of human potential lays dormant. 

Activate Vernon facilitates collaboration on those ideas by bringing together innovators, project managers, industry experts, community participation and community resources to wake up, even a fraction of this dormant potential, enriching us all and exploring what human creative possibility really looks like.   

Projects are coordinated through Activate Vernon and developed and maintained by members of the community. The benefits produced by these projects are shared among all contributing community members - by contributing to ANY project you receive benefits from ALL projects. 

Who Benefits?


... of the profits goes back to the lucky funders who made the project possible

+ share in the results of all ongoing projects


... of the profits are retained by the Innovator or Project Manager

+ share in the results of all ongoing projects


... of the profits get distributed among Activate Vernon and community contributors

+ share in the results of all ongoing projects

The Catch

Only projects that can prove beneficial to the entire community will be activated - either direct benefit through product or service; or indirectly by identifying or removing limits to possibility. 

"If it's not good for everyone, it's not good for anyone" is a philosophy carried by many, if not all, thriving civilizations throughout the ages. We've taken this approach and adapted it to include today's level of technology, population and comfort.

Of course, not everyone in the community will have a need for natural baby diapers or biodegradable rubber or even legal or IT advice but Activate Vernon follows a model that negates the possibility of putting the needs of one person or group above another. This includes business, political, religious groups ... and ourselves. 

It's painfully clear that our current model of society (namely the financial economy) is fundamentally flawed, giving preference to the few while the majority of the world struggles. Darwin was wrong in his assertion of "survival of the fittest". Competition is not healthy and much of the world has already woken up to this realization.

In fact, Activate Vernon itself is playing a collaborative role within our larger global community. There are countless initiatives and movements around the world growing at an impressive rate. Actions range from community projects to online resources to multinational political parties. All in the name of supporting one another. When community and people are given priority ahead of personal and material gain, we abundantly thrive as individuals. It's a beautiful irony! 

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